Building Engineering and Draughting Services

Design Draughting (CAD Production)

We offer a comprehensive Design AutoCAD & Microstation Design & Draughting production service covering all disciplines of construction draughting. We employ both local and international staff to carry out multi discipline work from straight tracing to the more involved detailing works. All staff are employed in our office, and work within strict quality control guidelines to assure fast and efficient production. Bulk draughting and data entry such as ‘as builts’, specifications etc. can be carried out fast and at reduced costs.

In addition to the Design CAD production service we also offer a comprehensive construction design detailing service producing design drawings from concept sketches, detailed shop drawings from Architect/Consultant design drawings.

Structural And Architectural Coordination Service

Project Co-ordination

The secret of success in Building Services is co-ordination through both the design and construction phases. This is becoming more essential as services become more complex, construction periods more restrictive, and space allocated to services are cut to a minimum in an attempt to lower `up front” costs for building construction.
Project Co-ordination is the result of the various disciplines uniting to offer a service for builders developers and architects.

The combined experience of our design teams, draughtsmen, equipment engineers, and commissioning specialists provide the complete answer to project co-ordination difficulties. Becoming involved as early as Tender stage, we can work through to final project handover, assisting in all aspects of installation and testing.

We can provide comprehensive services team, ensuring programming and quality control of services and builderswork drawings giving a complete installation picture to all trades. This reduces costly and time consuming clashes and missed structural penetrations.

Full project co-ordination, undertaken correctly, is an essential part of any cost-effective contract. We employ specialised personnel who are well versed in the many facets of the construction industry.
Our scope of work would be to produce co-ordinated services, and co-ordinated builderswork drawings to be used for installation/construction purposes.

In order to produce the design co-ordinated services drawings; we first take the M&E Consultant, Structural, and Architectural drawings, and overlay them on CAD. Our co-ordinators then check through the drawings pinpointing areas of concern, and inform the relevant parties. Whilst working through the co-ordination, regular meetings are held with the Consultants, and the M&E Sub-contractors to ensure that the design intent is adhered to, and that all parties specific requirements are incorporated.

During this time all design changes are well documented, and the Main Contractor notified, in this way the CSD’s form an accurate history of the progress of the job. Once the CSD’s have been completed to the satisfaction and approval of all concerned, the M&E Sub-contractor simply `takes off” the relevant services to produce their `shop drawings’ and due to the nature of CAD these drawings will already be co-ordinated, and therefore avoid any clashes with other services, structure and fabric of the building.

During this process accurate Builderswork drawings can be produced simply by setting up a different layer. Therefore, avoiding any missed penetrations, and later cutting of concrete. Builderswork drawings are issued for structural approval at the same time as the CSD’s are being produced. Our experience has shown that in this way, it is possible for the M&E installation to take place just two or three levels below the level being cast.
Finally the CSD’s with minor amendment (to take into account any site construction devianceAs) can be made into an accurate set of ‘as built’ drawings.

Project and Design Coordination

Building Services - Testing & Commissioning

ECATEC Services (M) Sdn Bhd has established a total commissioning section to ensure that all systems on an individual project are functioning correctly and operating at optimum efficiency. When linked to a planned maintenance scheme, remote control and monitoring has a most beneficial effect on the operation of the building plant.
With the trend toward ever increasing computerised monitoring of building services, it is essential that each installation be fully tested and commissioned prior to final automation if the potential benefits of such systems are to be attained.

An incomplete uncoordinated commissioning program, often forced into a minimal period of time at the end of the main construction period, leads to inefficient systems, high plant failure rates and unnecessarily high running cost.
It is our company’s philosophy to assist our clients’ project teams in overcoming these difficulties in order to achieve a fully commissioned “design intent” installation.

2D And 3D CAD Revit MEP Software

Personnel Placement

ECATEC Services (M) Sdn Bhd can offer either teams of engineers, draughtsmen etc. working directly through our company, or individual staff working direct for the client on a daily, weekly or monthly contracting rates.

Personnel Placement